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Asset Category: Passenger Facilities

Over 220 million passengers used Metro’s 86 rail stations in FY 2009. A 2002 Core Capacity study evaluated available capacity at existing stations and con- cluded the following six stations have the highest ridership volume: Metro Cen- ter, Gallery Place/Chinatown, Union Station, Farragut West, L’Enfant Plaza, and

F a r r a g u t N o r t h . W h e n e x a m i n i n g f u t u r e r i d e r s h i p g r o w t h , t h e s e s t a t i o n s a r e a l s o

highlighted as among the busiest in the system (see chart below). With an ap- p r o x i m a t e l y 2 0 % r i d e r s h i p g r o w t h p r o j e c t e d o v e r t h e n e x t t e n y e a r s , M e t r o h a s

identified rail station capacity expansion and enhancements projects that will reduce congestion, improve station maneuverability and save customers travel time. At stations with the highest activity, Metro plans to make capacity im-

provements to the platforms and mezzanines, and will create pedestrian tunnels between key stations to provide previously unavailable transfers. Rail station enhancements include the installation of station entrance and platform canopies designed to protect customers from inclement weather and prevent damage to escalators, stairs, and platforms.


Lines Growth at Highest Ridership Metrorail Stations 2005-2030

Metro Center Gallery Place Union Station Farragut West Dupont Circle L’Enfant Plaza Foggy Bottom-GWU Farragut North Rosslyn McPherson Sq Ballston Shady Grove Pentago City Pentago Court House Smithsonian Crystal City Silver Spring Judiciary Sq Federal Triangle


2030 2005



20,000 30,000 40,000

50,000 60,000 70,000

80,000 90,000

Alleviating crowded conditions will also maintain the safety of Metrorail s e r v i c e . T o f u r t h e r e n h a n c e s a f e t y , M e t r o p l a n s t o i n s t a l l b u m p y d o m e t i l e s

on the rail platform edge. This bumpy surface provides a tactile indicator of the edge of the platform to elderly and disabled customers traveling on the

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