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Passenger Facilities

74 Capital Needs Inventory

Platform canopies also protect customers from the elements and protect assets from additional wear and tear. As Metro transitions from 6-car trains to 8-cars trains, addi- tional platform area at outdoor stations is exposed. Under this project, platform canopies would be extended to cover the full length of the platform at 20 Orange/Blue/Yellow line stations, 8 Red line stations and 7 Green/Yellow line stations. Covered platforms provide a dry environment, improve the walking surface, enhance safety and reduce customer complaints. In addition, canopies lower platform and tile maintenance costs.

Truncated domes or “bumpy tiles” have been installed at 60 of Metro’s 86 stations. To increase passenger safety and accessibility, truncated domes are needed at the

remaining 26 stations. This bumpy surface provides a warning to customers of the location of the platform edge. At a cost of $500,000 per station, Metro plans to schedule four installations per year.

To further improve the accessibility of the Metrorail system, Metro has plans to in- stall a second set of elevators at the following six key transfer stations: Metro Center, L’Enfant Plaza, Gallery Place/Chinatown, FortTotten, Pentagon and Stadium-Armory.

Currently a single elevator outage can make an entire transfer station and all the lines it serves inaccessible to people with disabilities, travelers with luggage and customers with other devices such as strollers. The 2002 Core Capacity Study sup- ports increasing access via entrances and passages at major key stations as a means of increased ability for all customers to enter and exit stations. The cost to build the dual access elevators may be borne by the local jurisdictions.

Providing adequate vehicle-related facilities is important to support passengers ar- riving by automobile. Currently, parking fees at several facilities can only be paid using a SmarTrip card. Infrequent users of the daily parking facilities find the cash-less SmarTrip-only payment requirement frustrating and confusing. Customers who arrive at a parking gate without a SmarTrip card must re-park and return to the station to purchase a SmarTrip card for the sole purpose of exiting the parking facility. Currently, Metro only has 14 credit card readers at six out of 35 stations with parking facilities. To make these facilities more convenient and accessible to all patrons, Metro plans to install at least one bank card/credit card reader at the remaining parking facilities.

Rail Station: Capacity/Enhancements includes the following CNI projects:

CNI 039: Core Station Capacity Enhancements CNI 079: Extend Platform Canopies CNI 041: Gallery Place/ Metro Center Pedestrian Connection CNI 040: Farragut North/ Farragut West Pedestrian Connection CNI 088: Station Entrance Canopies CNI 012: Dual Accessible Pathways – Core Elevator Project CNI 017: Platform Edge Bumpy Dome Installation CNI 074: Installation of Parking Lot Credit Card Readers

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