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CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 038: Bus Garage Capacity Enhancements CNI 078: Bladensburg Shop Reconfiguration Total

$405.7 $39.1 $444.9

Employees complete regular maintenance of the bus fleet at Metro garages, conduct vehicle safety inspections, clean the vehicles for customer comfort, and store buses that are not in service. Bus maintenance work includes the vehicle power train (engine and transmission), brakes, electrical components, body/doors and heating and cooling system. New bus garages will be located near demand centers in order to reduce deadhead time and will be designed to handle larger, clean technology articulated buses. An articulated bus uses a pivoting joint in the center to extend the bus length and passenger capacity,

while still allowing it to turn on city streets. At 62-feet, articulated buses are considerably longer and require more maintenance and storage space than a standard Metrobus (37-feet or 42-feet).

The reconfiguration of space in the Bladensburg Bus Garage in the District of Columbia is also planned over the next ten years. Space at Bladensburg was freed when the Heavy Overhaul Shop relocated to the Carmen Turner facility in Hyattsville, MD. Once reconfigured, the Bladensburg bus garage

will provide additional maintenance capacity for 15 buses and storage for 145 more buses.

Expansion of Bus Garages includes the following CNI projects:

Expansion of MetroAccess Garages ($16.0 Million)

MetroAccess vehicles are currently stored at six vendor owned facilities. Current estimates show a need for approximately 900 MetroAccess vehicles by 2013 (up from about 500 today) and 1,300 vehicles by 2020. To cost-effectively fuel, main- tain and store the existing and future vehicles, Metro is evaluating moving these vehicles to existing Metro properties. To do this, paving and facility improvements are needed at an estimated cost of $2 million per facility. MetroAccess anticipates the need for 8 operating garages for a total of $16 million.

Fleet Maintenance Facilities

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 016: MetroAccess Operating Garages




Expansion of MetroAccess Garages includes the following CNI project:

Investment Category: Customer/Demand 79

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