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Systems and Technology

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

CNI 077: 100% 8-Car Trains—Power Upgrades




Power Systems Upgrades – Rail includes the following CNI project:

Operations Support Software ($133.8 Million)

Metro’s Operations Support Software investments will upgrade software and other technology infrastructure improvements to enhance transit operations and communications.

The Customer and Regional Integration project will automate information sharing between Metrobus, Metrorail and MetroAccess. This will enable Metro to integrate i t s c u s t o m e r , i n c i d e n t , r e s p o n s e a n d p e r f o r m a n c e i n f o r m a t i o n a c r o s s t h e a g e n c y .

For example, these improvements would enable MetroAccess customers faced with an elevator outage to take advantage of bus bridges (Metrobus service provided between two Metro stations due to elevator outages or service interrup- tions). In addition, this project will improve coordination and information sharing with regional partners.

The Enterprise Geographic Information System will create a single, agency-wide mapping function across departments to support more efficient and accurate as- set maintenance and management, transit routing and trip planning, emergency response, long-range planning and information sharing with the public. Benefits would include an agency-wide bus stop inventory and an improved map of MTPD jurisdictional limits for dispatch and crime analysis.

Power Management Modernization will allow Metro to move toward a centralized power management infrastructure that monitors and controls power consumption. Re- search indicates that appropriate levels of power management automation can mini- mize power spikes, brownouts and other problems and help Metro increase its total passenger throughput on the rail lines. Private industry uses centralized power man- agement to optimize use of electrical power and control power consumption costs.

Metro’s Operations Sup- port Software investments will upgrade software and other technology infrastructure improvements to enhance transit operations and com- munications.

Operations Support Software includes the following CNI projects:

CNI Project CNI 044: Customer and Regional Integration CNI 055: Power Management Modernization CNI 047: Enterprise Geographic Information System Total

Total (YOE, $ Millions) $73.2 $45.9 $14.7 $133.8

Investment Category: Customer/Demand 85

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