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Systems and Technology

Metro system, particularly for tourists and occasional riders, who would no longer have to use the fare machines.

While the new open fare payment system is being evaluated, Metro will continue to support its existing Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system. Currently, fare vending machines are located on each Metrorail mezzanine at all Metrorail stations and are of two types: standard vendors that only dispense limited- use paper fare cards and Express Vendors that also sell multiple farecards and passes, accept credit card payment, and allow reloading of SmarTrip cards (permanent, rechargeable farecards that operate like credit cards and are embedded with a special computer chip that tracks the value of each card). SmarTrip card dispensers are available only at stations with Metro-operated parking lots (but may also be purchased from Metro’s web site, retail outlets and commuter stores). With ridership projected to grow, Metro also plans to purchase 50 additional fare gates and to replace 30 of its standard vendors that only dispense limited use paper fare cards with Express Vendors. The cost of this additional AFC equipment is $6.0 million.

To expand the availability of SmarTrip card purchasing, Metro also plans to con-

vert 224 fare vending machines to “universal vendors” (two conversions at each rail mezzanine) at a cost of $12.9 million. These universal vendors will dispense plastic SmarTrip cards as well as limited use paper SmarTrip cards. Purchasing the conversion kits and upgrading current equipment provides a less expensive option than purchasing all new fare equipment.

Other planned improvements include wiring upgrades ($1.3 million), new coin vaults and new revenue transfer carts ($2.2 million). The carts are used by Metro employees to collect currency from fare vending machines in preparation for de- posit. Together these investments in the Metro fare collection system will make fare payment faster and easier for daily riders and visitors.

Investments in the Metro fare collection system will make fare payment faster and easier for daily riders and visitors.

Rail Fare Equipment includes the following CNI projects:

CNI 090: Conversion of Fare Machines to Universal Vendors


CNI 097: Open Fare Payment System CNI 091: Automatic Fare Collection Machines CNI 094: Improvements to Coin Collection Machines CNI 092: Ethernet Wiring for Rail Fare Machines Total

$10.0 $6.0 $2.2 $1.3 $32.4

CNI Project

Total (YOE, $ Millions)

Investment Category: Customer/Demand 87

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