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Support Facilities

Each year MTPD’s 458 sworn and commissioned members are required by state training mandates to qualify their firearms. Currently, MTPD officers

qualify their firearms at ranges operated by local public safety agencies through cooperative agreement with these agencies. As the force of local police departments grows, available time at these facilities is becoming

increasingly scarce. Consequently, MTPD officers are forced to qualify dur- ing off-hours, which can create overtime costs. Given that MTPD will also experience continued growth to match increasing ridership and regional expansion, a dedicated MTPD training facility is needed. A police training

facility will provide MTPD officers with the resources needed to qualify their firearms semi-annually and to practice more frequently. The police training facility will include a firing range, classrooms, weapons cleaning

and storage rooms.

Police Facilities includes the following CNI projects:

CNI Project CNI 102: Police Substation - New District 4 CNI 100: Police Training Facility Total

Total (YOE, $ Millions) $12.5 $10.8 $23.3

MetroAccess Operations Facility ($8 Million)

The current MetroAccess command center operates in rented space (annual cost of about $850,000 per year) near the Prince George’s Plaza Metro station. Use of rented space can require periodic relocation resulting in substantial costs for tele- phone transfers, backup power, heating/cooling systems and other requirements.

To address growing ridership, provide operational stability and to realize long term

cost reductions, Metro is considering constructing a permanent MetroAccess com-

mand center. The cost for the building space, equipment and communications is $8 million.

MetroAccess Operations Facility includes the following CNI project:

CNI Project CNI 013: MetroAccess Command Center Total

Total (YOE, $ Millions) $8.0 $8.0

To address growing rider- ship, provide operational stability and to realize long term cost reductions, Metro is plan- ning to construct a permanent MetroAccess command center.

Investment Category: Customer/Demand 89

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