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Fall 2007

Laboratory Syllabus

Week ofExperiment

Sep 3Superposition of Waves

10The Vibrating String

17The Organ Pipe

24Types of Spectra

Oct 1The Ray Box:  Part One

8The Ray Box:  Part Two

Week ofExperiment

Oct 15Telescopes


29The Simple Pendulum

Nov 5Addition of Vectors

12Linear Momentum

26Centripetal Force

1.To arrive at your overall grade in Physics 101 your 10 best experiment grades will be given to your lecture instructor in order for him to average your lecture and experiment grades together.  Lecture and laboratory grades are computed into one grade, and the same grade is recorded for both lecture and laboratory. (See lecture syllabus for further information.)

2.Each experiment grade will be based on the experiment and a possible pop quiz.  Pop quizzes can include questions over the present as well as the most recent laboratory exercise.

3.Each laboratory experiment must be completed during the laboratory period.

4.There will be no make-up experiments.

5.No transfers are allowed except for those with extenuating circumstances.  (No transfers are possible in the summer.)  (Only Mr. Ali Piran and Dr. Harry Downing can approve transfers.)

6.Your experiment average will be drastically affected if you have three or more absences and any of them are unexcused.

7.Excused absences must be approved by Dr. Downing within 10 days of the absence (2 days in the summer).

8.Experiment grades and absences will be posted each week in the laboratory room or online.  It is your responsibility to check these postings each time you meet lab in order to identify errors in the most recently posted grades or absence designations.  You have 10 days (2 days in the summer) from the day of each posting to correct any such errors.

9.Students should become familiar with the policies on cheating and plagiarism.  See http://www.sfasu.edu/policies/academic_integrity.asp.

10.PowerPoint introductions to each lab can be found at http://www.physics.sfasu.edu/downing/101LabSyllabus.htm.

Following these guidelines will make your laboratory experience a pleasant one.

Students with documented disabilities who need course adaptations or accommodations should make an appointment with Dr. Downing as soon as possible.

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