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This master thesis is written by Eha Võrk and is titled „ Land reform and the analysis of its legal regulation based on example of Tallinn City “.

Land ownership has been always considered to be of great importance. Each shift of power on the Estonian territory has brought along a land reform, i.e. reorganisation of land relations. The objective of land reforms carried out in Central and Eastern Europe (including the Baltic States) is similar: to restore private ownership in land. Regardless the common goal, the land reforms of different countries still differ to a certain extent in their regulations and methods. One of the key issues of reforms in Estonia is the transformation of ownership relations forced upon by the Soviet power. This is not only a prerequisite for the economic development of our country, but also an inevitable step towards a free and democratic society. The essence of the concept “reform” indicates that land reform cannot be an endless process; it is rather a change of temporary character that is carried out in the society.

The objective of the present Master’s thesis is to provide an overview of the land reform, particularly of land privatisation with the right of pre-emption in towns, and of problems arisen in the course of implementing the land reform legislation.

The theoretical and practical novelty of the Master’s thesis consists in the analysis of problems resulting from the implementation of the Land Reform Act and related legislation; the author has also proposed solutions on how it would be possible to extenuate some of the contradictions in reform legislation.

The objective of the given Master’s thesis is to provide an overview of the land reform through its main principles, and of arisen contradictions, to deal with the role of local government in the execution of land reform, to provide an overview of the reform’s dynamics, and to make proposals for the acceleration of land reform, including privatisation with the right of pre-emption.

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