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The Master’s candidate has in her work formulated two hypotheses according to which the execution of land reform has been impeded by the complexity and controversy of reform laws, and on the basis of current ownership and land reform legislation it will not be possible to complete the land reform by 2006 (end of validity of privatisation vouchers). In order to prove the defined hypotheses, the author has used the comparative analysis of documents, the analysis of land reform practices and the analysis of land reform related statistical data.

The author came to the conclusion that it would not be possible to complete the land reform by 2006 due to the following reasons:

22.7% of the country’s territory has still to undergo the reform (49% of Tallinn).

Controversies resulting from the legislation.

The controversies resulting from the legal regulation of land reform that slow down the execution of land reform are as following:

The uncertainty of how the issue of so called “resettlers” will be regulated. In carrying out the land reform the above issue constitutes a problem, because it is not clear, whether the property (land, buildings or apartments) is subject to restitution to the resettlers and their legal successors or not. Thus, it is not possible to decide on the privatisation of properties (including land).

The ambiguity of the legal definition of “construction works” since the enforcement of the Building Act. For a better execution of land reform the term “construction works” would need further specification. This proposal is due to the fact that the valid legislation is ambiguous and causes unreasonable disputes between entitled and obligated persons.

Entirely different approaches in different wordings of the Land Reform Act (e.g. the determination of size of land to be privatised with the right of pre-emption to dwelling house owners). The above has been a reason why the land

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