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unique in the marketplace.To be effective, the copywriting will have to differentiate between your product or service and the other choices the customer could make.Without a discernible and well-stated difference, the only way customers will have to differentiate is on price.

Support Your Claims A discerning customer will require you to support your benefit claims by providing some kind of evidence.This could be scientific facts, user testimonials or the endorsement of a trustworthy or qualified individual. Do not fabricate testimonials – ask current customers to provide them. Make it clear when you are asking that you want the truth, good or bad. (After all, no rule says you have to use all the testimonials you gather.) A happy customer is a powerful persuader

  • nothing you write will be as

genuinely sincere as the praise of a satisfied customer.

Start by Getting Their Attention Realize that you have less than 10 seconds to grab the reader’s attention and convince him that it is worth his time to continue reading.Therefore, headlines and first sentences have a disproportionate effect on the success of the copywriting. Make your headlines provocative to unhesitatingly engage the reader.

Body Copy: Keep It Organized, Simple and Focused Before you begin writing the body copy, determine the primary message or selling point and all secondary selling points. If you use the primary message as part of your headline, then dedicate a few lines or paragraphs to expand the point.Then fit in the secondary selling points in order of importance. Move smoothly from point to point, using short sentences. Aim to keep all sentences to 12 words or less, and use sentence fragments as long as they will sound good to the reader.

Stick with words that are simple and easy to understand.Your readers will not invest in dissecting or studying

your copy – instead, they will move on to some other activity. Make it easy for the reader to understand and keep up with the copy.

Call Them To Action Always include a call to action, and consider creating urgency to act. A call to action might tell your audience what will happen if they buy your product or service, or could tell what will happen if they don’t buy your product. If you use this version, select a problem your audience won’t be able to solve without your product.

Other closings could be the offer of a guarantee or free bonus. If you introduce a time limit to the offer or bonus, you have created an urgency to act.You can also modify product solutions by adding how long the solution will take.The statement “Consolidate Your Overdue Bills” is less powerful than “Consolidate Your Overdue Bills In Just Six Weeks.”

Use Language Wisely To enliven the copy, use adjectives and adverbs to modify nouns. Consider the difference between offering a service and offering a quick, reliable service. Or offering a program or a comprehensive program package.

If you have room, include useful and interesting information without getting too technical. Also, avoid technical terms, particularly when writing for a wider audience.

Edit, Edit, Edit Before you finalize your copy, read it over repeatedly to be sure it contains information that supports the main and secondary selling points in language designed to appeal to the specific target audience. Remove anything that is not consistent with these goals.

We’re Here To Help If you would like a “second eye” on your finished copy, we’ll be happy to proof read, edit or give our opinion on how well you have accomplished your objective. Call us at 330-567-2341 for an appointment and we’ll start to work!

Build A Swipe File

very effective technique you can use as an idea generator is a swipe file. A swipe file is your collection of sales letters, ads, brochures, self- mailers, post cards, newsletters – anything you have received that catches your eye or positively influences you. A

You can create a swipe file geared to whatever you want to compose. One swipe file may be sales letters; another interesting designs; yet another good examples of sales, advertising or informational copywriting.Then when you are creating your sales or promotional piece, you can look through your swipe file to get the ideas flowing. Remember, though, that a swipe file is only for ideas.You still have to write the copy or design the brochure yourself.

Here are some things to include in a swipe file:

  • Creative, attention-getting ads

  • Competitors printed materials

  • Great promotional ideas

  • Excellent examples of promotional and direct mail marketing

  • Reference or resource list

  • Paper samples

  • Graphics and cartoons

A swipe file costs nothing to create and may give you just the creative boost you need to break a writer’s block. And of course if you are really stuck, please give us a call at 330-567-2341 and we’ll help any way we can.

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