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Consumers are looking for value and waiting for sales on branded goods

  • Consumers still buying brands, but look for trusted brands with proof of value”

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      Apple iPhone is at a high price point, but perceived as “worth it”

      • (6.9

        M iPhones sold in quarter to Sep 08*)

  • Consumers waiting for sales on name-brand products

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      Top two savings tactics reported by US shoppers (Unilever research):

      • Only buy when it’s on sale

      • Use coupons whenever I buy this product”

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      Customers increasingly buying luxury items at large discounts

      • Vente-privee.com offers 30- 70% discounts to 6 millions French clients

*Combined sales in previous 5 quarters were 6.1M units C o n s u m e r O f T h e F u t u r e _ B a i n S t u d y J a n u a r y 2 0 0 9 v 2 G X C S o u r c e : L i t e r a t u r e s e a r c h e s ; B e r n s t e i n R e s e a r c h ; W i n n i n 12 g i n T u r b u l e n t T i m e s ( U n i l e v e r ) ; O u e s t F r a n c e , N o v 0 8 This information is confidential and was prepared by Bain & Company solely for the use of our client; it is not to be relied on by any 3rd party without Bain's prior written consent.

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