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A Siemens Gas Turbine Package is: A cost-effective power generating system with pre-engineered and stan- dardized design and base scope of supply, with interconnecting piping and wiring pre-assembled to a large degree. Flexible in design and scope thanks to pre-engineered options to meet project- and site-specific conditions, capable of increasing the operating flexibility and performance of an existing power generating system. These options can replace or add systems to the base scope. Focused on the core equipment of a self-contained power generating system for power plants with gas turbines, it consists of gas turbine and electrical

generator as well as all the systems required for the safe and reliable oper- ation of these components: air intake system, exhaust gas system, electrical systems, instrumentation and control, generator excitation system, start-up system, and such major auxiliaries as the fuel system and lube oil system.

The development of this package stems from the requirements of the utility industry for low initial cost and a rapid and reliable on-line generation system. It is equally well-suited to meet the requirements of industrial users. Heat recovery applications include combined cycle, repowering, and cogeneration in a wide range of environments and requirements.

The SGT5-PAC 4000F is used for Generation of electrical power Combined heat and power Simple cycle gas turbine power plants Multi-shaft combined cycle power plants

operated in

Base load service Intermediate load service Peak load service


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