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Protecting Village Life


Secretary: Paul Crocker

E-mail: secretary@galmptontorbay.org.uk

Treasurer: Peter Royle

E-mail: gratre@talktalk.net

Webmaster: Richard Boyles

E-mail: webmaster@galmptontorbay.org.uk

For those that have Bonfires ~ A potential killer !

We frequently receive complaints and reports of distress caused by garden bonfires.

On a recent sunny April Saturday afternoon a resident lit a smoky bonfire. The smoke did not rise and gassed out the surrounding neighbourhood for about 2 hours. There was no escape. Unfortunately, one resident suffered an Asthma attack. The smoke prevented many neighbours from enjoying their gardens; washing was ruined; windows were closed - yet smoke still penetrated people’s homes. Visibility was reduced to dangerous levels on nearby lanes.

Last year, a teenage boy, in another town, suffered an Asthma attack and died after breathing in smoke from a bonfire. Would you really want this on your conscience, if it were your bonfire ?

Although having a bonfire is not illegal, an individual can be prosecuted, with supporting evidence, if the bonfire causes a recurrent nuisance. We understand that video evidence has been collected of the aforementioned incident, with a view to a potential prosecution.

There is no need to light a bonfire. Why annoy your neighbours and pollute the air when garden waste can be composed, or alternatively taken to the Amenity Recycling Centre at Yalberton, where it will be composted.

The Common ~ Use it or lose it ! ~ We need your help

We have reported, in previous issues of THE GAZETTE, that Torbay Council has applied to take part of the Common for road development. Preparations to defend a future public enquiry are progressing well.

We understand that one issue to be considered, is how well the Common is used. One Brixham councillor recently said the Common is only used by the occasional dog walker. We know the Common is extensively used by walkers, cyclists, children playing football, kite flying, horse riding, picnics… However, we need evidence, so we’re sending out an urgent appeal to all residents to send us photos showing your recreational activities on the Common. We want to put these on our website, so please indicate if you, and those photographed, give permission for this.

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