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S e r v i c e M a s t e r C l e a n C l e a n i n g T i p s f r o m S e r v i c e M a Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Company call us on 0800 018 5550 s t e r C l e a n y o u r L O C A L

In each issue of THE GAZETTE your local ServiceMaster Clean will be providing useful tips. In this edition we offer advice on reducing allergens within your home.

Many of us cough, sneeze and wheeze because our bodies don’t like exposure to dust mite allergen. Some suffer severe symptoms like asthma, eczema and rhinitis.

  • Don’t make your bed! Dust mites need food and moisture to thrive. They feed on organic detritus, like human flakes of skin. These are plentiful in your bed, along with the moisture we introduce by perspiring. Neatly fold your bed covers back and allow your mattress to breathe. Give the mattress a good vacuum periodically. Dust mites cannot tolerate sunlight either, so open the curtains and let the natural sunlight in – it makes it harder for them to thrive.

  • Open that window! Our centrally heated and double glazed homes can be ripe breeding grounds for dust mites. One reason why asthma and eczema are on the increase. Opening windows allows good ventilation - fresh clean air comes in, dusty allergen-laden air goes out, and humidity levels drop, which makes the dust mites less happy.

  • Deep clean carpets & upholstery. Most vacuum cleaners suck in one end, blow out the other, and try to catch as much as possible in between. Dust mite allergen is so small it even gets through Hepa Filter vacuums. Vacuum with windows open and allow the air to change. With our hot water extraction cleaning system, the waste is caught in the solution, and does not get back into the room. Deep cleaning periodically will help keep your home healthy.

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