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penalty as not objected against and may impose it on the supplier.

23.5       Any restriction imposed on any person by the Secretary to Parliament will, at the discretion of the Secretary to Parliament also be applicable to any other enterprise or any partner, manager, director or other person who wholly or partly exercises or exercises or exercised or may exercise control over the enterprise of the first-mentioned person, and with which enterprise or person the first-mentioned person, is or was in the opinion of the Secretary to Parliament, actively associated.

23.6       If a court of law convicts a person of an offence as contemplated in sections 12 or 13 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, No 12 of 2004, the court may also rule that such person’s name be endorsed on the Register for Tender Defaulters.  

24. Anti-dumping and countervailing duties and rights

24.1When, after the date of bid, provisional payments are required, or antidumping or countervailing duties are imposed, or the amount of a provisional payment or anti-dumping or countervailing right is increased in respect of any dumped or subsidized import, the State is not liable for any amount so required or imposed, or for the amount of any such increase. When, after the said date, such a provisional payment is no longer required or any such anti-dumping or countervailing right is abolished, or where the amount of such provisional payment or any such right is reduced, any such favourable difference shall on demand be paid forthwith by the contractor to the State or the State may deduct such amounts from moneys (if any) which may otherwise be due to the contractor in regard to supplies or services which he delivered or rendered, or is to deliver or render in terms of the contract or any other contract or any other amount which may be due to him.

25. Force Majeure

25.1Notwithstanding the provisions of GCC Clauses 22 and 23, the supplier shall not be liable for forfeiture of its performance security, damages, or termination for default if and to the extent that his delay in performance or other failure to perform his obligations under the contract is the result of an event of force majeure.

25.2If a force majeure situation arises, the supplier shall promptly notify the purchaser in writing of such condition and the cause thereof. Unless otherwise directed by the purchaser in writing, the supplier shall continue to perform its obligations under the contract as far as is reasonably practical, and shall seek all reasonable alternative means for performance not prevented by the force majeure event.

26. Termination for insolvency

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