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Position in firm plus service to be performed.

Intended areas they will be working in.

A copy of Identification Document, certified as a true copy of the original by the SAPS. – Such document shall be the original certified copy.

Home address.

The Bidder are recommended to have such documentation, both for their own staff and for their Sub-contractors, if applicable, available prior to the closing date of Bids so as to minimise delays in security clearance of personnel once the Bid is awarded.

Any time lost due to delays in submitting the called for list of personnel required entering site, the rejection of personnel on the list, or the subsequent removal and banning from site of personnel will not be accepted as motivation for extension of the contract period.

Such clearance for this project shall remain valid for a period not exceeding 12 months and shall only apply for this project.

In addition, the Oath of Secrecy form attached to this Bid document shall be fully completed and every person having necessity to observe or work with any part of documentation relating to this project is it on or off site.

Legible copies of the Oath of Secrecy document may be made.


Safeguarding of documents

This project has been classified by the authorities as “Confidential”.  As such, all specifications and drawings must be kept in a safe place at all times, and under no circumstances may they be shown or distributed to parties not directly concerned with the project.

All documents will be individually numbered on issue and records kept as to what documents have been issued to whom.

It will be the responsibility of the service provider to ensure that drawings do not get issued to unauthorized persons, that all superseded drawings are kept in a secure place until they have been destroyed, and that current drawings are kept in a safe and secure environment.

All documents issued to sub-contractors or suppliers must be signed for, and such sub-contractors and suppliers must also accept responsibility for the safeguarding of such documents while they are in their possession.

Procurement of Catering Services forTaking Parliament to the People: T9/2/2010

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