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Conservation Corner –

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    Cissie Durando

This Year’s ASE Board Members and Comity Chairpersons

Let’s kick off with the one bright spot of the month: our ASE Pathfinder Award to Kathleen Kelso. This young woman is a graduate of Atlantic High School. She submit- ted a resume’ of four years worth of observation and analysis of newly hatched sea turtles and their frantic scramble for the sea. An unbelievable work for so young a per- son. This was not a rehash of any previously done controlled observation.

President Carol Shields

561- 964 - 1522

First Vice President

Diane Rivera

561 - 433 - 4063

Second Vice President

All enviros are wringing their hands over the failings of the state government wielding the power. This filters down to control of DEP and the S. FL Water Manage- ment District. Politics (including monies and power) have stripped us of our recourse to be protected. If the public doesn’t respond with appropriate outrage, then agency and bureaucratic rules will continue to change and strip us of our legal ability to chal- lenge.

P. Bch. County had held on to some protective measures for functioning FL na- tive habitat. They were in resolutions and ordinances for our county. Additions to the “Right to Farm Act,” totally unnecessary, have stripped us of the ability to have a say- so in out county! We are talking about any agriculture anywhere not just EAA or Agri- culture reserve.

Alan Parmalee

561 - 498 - 0996

Secretary Rick Byrnes

561 - 798 - 6566

Treasurer Leah Schad

561 - 848 - 9984

Publicity Linda Humphries

561 - 742 - 7791

Another gem neglected by enviro comment: Weakening the requirement to clean up contaminated sites, and ground & sur- face water. Only a need to achieve an “Acceptable” level of risk to human health is required. That’s on a par with accepting phosphorous levels to an extent that is “Practicable” (in place of numerical standard). Without a consideration of conflict of interest (past, present and future) SFWMD will “Outsource” (euphemism for privatize) the head of their legal department upon the resignation of their legal head.

Conservation Rosa “Cissie” Durando 561 . 965 . 2420

Education Susan Snyder

561 - 627 - 7829

Editor, Everglade Kite Tammy Peeples Audubontam@yahoo.com

The big battle of whether Peacock Pond (an 80 acre retention marsh in Welling- ton) gets a permit for development was omitted from a permit of over 900 acres that surround it lost Thursday at SFWMD. It will come back for an isolated permit. As a stand alone, it’s hope for preservation is considerably weakened. Depending on some legal consultation, I may ask our ASE folks to challenge this. After calling three state

Exhibits Pat O’Brien

561 - 738 - 9324

Field Trips Linda Most

561 - 684 - 8693



After a long and

mutually beneficial stay at the

Grants Esther Zaretsky

561 - 689 - 6696

West Palm Beach Garden Club the board of directors of the Audubon Society of the Everglades has found a new location to hold our membership meetings.

The $80

primary reason for this move is financial. We are saving a month and the facilities, parking, and location should be

approximately more conven-













Greeter Barbara Reineker 561 - 582 - 9724

Library & Bird Identification

Gloria Hunter

561 - 585 - 7714

Membership Linda Most

561 - 684 - 8693

Programs Claudine Laabs

561 - 655 - 9779

Sales Stella Rossi

561 - 732 - 4786

Sanctuaries Jim Robinson

561 - 733 - 8337

Technology / Webmaster Rodney Peeples Audubon@auduboneverglades.org

Hospitality OPEN - - Would you like to volunteer

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