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Indoor Parkour Training (continued...)

The trick is not to let this apparent super-human ability carry over into your urban training without a proper ramp-up to the less forgiving hard surfaces that you will most often encounter.

Once you grasp the basics of improvising equipment in this setting, you can begin to change the layout of the apparatus to suit your needs. Some of the best conditioning you will ever experience will feature intervals of any given time in an obstacle course setting, where you will attempt to move smoothly and quickly from one object to the next without any pause. In time, your movements will become smoother and more efficient to deal with the added physical duress that you will be experiencing. Start slowly to assure safety, as shaky technique can quickly turn dangerous when you are fatigued. This is the benefit of this setting, though, as the padded surfaces offer a lenience that brick and concrete never do.

With these few tips under your belt, you should be able to make use of the open gym periods of any gymnastics facility to your advantage, ensuring consistent technique training over the cold and dreary months to come. Next month I’ll show you the implements we’ve developed here at Primal Fitness to take indoor Parkour training to the next level, making it possible to include Parkour training in your facility cheaply and effectively.

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Jesse Woody, age 26, father of two, has about eight years experience in fitness and nutrition. He works in various capacities for the Woodberry Forest School in Virginia, including working with the outdoor education department and, currently, transitioning to head strength and conditioning coach. He’s been practicing parkour for three years, though he’s acted like a monkey his entire life. He is an administrator and frequent content contributor for the American Parkour website.

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