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PXE7300 Installation and Operator’s Manual

In AM or FM Radio Mode, this button scans down the frequency band for a strong signal.

This selects random or sequence play in the disc mode.

In the Disc mode (CD or MP3), the knob will advance (CW) or decrease (CCW) the track. Track number is displayed when the knob is in motion. Then it will display the track name and then begin to play.

In AM or FM radio mode, this knob can be used to tune the radio directly.

If the playing media is an MP3 format, the pushing the DATA knob will display the data (if stored and available) from the playing tracks in sequence when the knob is pushed.

  • Song Name

  • MP3 Actual File Name

  • Album

  • Artist

Depending on the total size of the information stored on the disc, the available data may be truncated in the following manner: Small number of files, Actual File Name, Larger number of files, Truncated File Name, Most files, Track Number.

This button cycles through the operating modes, Disc, FM, AM, and AUX (if enabled).

The passive AM/FM antenna, part number 510-730-0001 (included) is optimized for FM radio perform- ance. Therefore, when used for AM reception, the operator may only receive the most powerful 3 to 5 AM stations. In contrast to an ADF, where audio fidelity is not important, the PXE7300 requires higher signal levels to ensure fidelity.

For optimum performance, some installers may desire an external AM/FM antenna. PS Engineering rec- ommends a Comant CI-222-L.

Another alternative is to connect the PXE7300 antenna input to an unused VOR port of the VHF NAV antenna splitter. Do NOT add another splitter.

The PXE7300 can save up to nine AM and nine FM frequencies for future recall. Select the desired radio frequency.

To set press the “R/S” button (4). The next available slot will be displayed as “S#.” (# being the available memory location). Within five seconds, select the desired frequency using the DATA knob (if not already displayed). Press the R/S (4) again to save the selection. The display will flash, indicating a successful save.

You can select the “S” slot by pressing the Stop (up) and play (down) buttons.

To access the channel, press the DATA knob (5) the radio mode, and select the preset with the DATA knob or scan up (2) and down (3) buttons.


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