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PXE7300 Installation and Operator’s Manual


Frequency Scan Up

Eject (also in AUX) Pause

Frequency Scan up Frequency Scan Down

Select next track/file and keep play- ing or a random track if in the ran- dom mode Intro Scan, Plays first few seconds of each song, and advances

Frequency Scan Down

Frequency Scan Down

Change to FM, AM, AUX (if en- abled)

Change from FM to AM, to AUX to (if enabled) to DISC

Toggle into Random or normal Se- quence play

Enter the preset “Set” mode

Select next track and play

Select previous track and keep play- ing Show data on file (if available)

Increase radio frequency or preset channel Decrease radio frequency or preset channel Enter Pre-select Frequency Recall Mode

The PXE7300 is designed to play up to five special files on a recorded MP3 disc. This can be used for pas- senger briefing, tour narration, or other in flight uses.

When one of the five inputs is triggered, a corresponding file on a specially encoded disc will start to play, regardless of the mode in use.

When the file has completed play, the unit will return to the previous mode and track, but it will be paused.

The special disc must be labeled as the volume 7300, and the tracks 0001.MP3 through 0005.MP3. Other files, such as music, can be stored on this disc. The normal files will play, but files with the filename 0001.MP3 through 0005.MP3 will not play unless the respective input is activated, OR specifically se- lected from the front panel. This section can be used to test the disc and determine which files are stored.

See Appendix A for details on storing MP3 files.

The display is automatically adjusted for ambient light conditions by a photocell. The backlighting is ad- justed by the aircraft dimmer circuit.


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