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Start MusicMatch JukeBox.(www.musicmatch.com) Press the recorder button, which is the small red dot located in the top right corner. This will open the recorder window located at the bottom of the screen.


Insert an audio CD into the CD drive. MusicMatch will automatically read the disc and dis- play the contents in the recorder window. Press the REFRESH button to check the Internet database for CD information, such as artist, song title, or album. If this information is avail- able, it will automatically be updated in the file.


Select Options->Recorder->Format and select either MP3 or MP3PRO format. You may also set the MP3 file quality under the Options->Recorder->Quality menu.


Select the tracks to be copied to MusicMatch by checking the box next to the desired track. Press the record button in the lower left corner when complete


MusicMatch will then convert the files from the audio CD to MP3 and display them in the Music Library box located in the middle of the screen


To edit the MP3 information, select a file in the Music Library and press the TAG button in the top right corner of the Music Library box. This will display the MP3 tagged information screen. Select the General tab to show the information that can be modified for the PXE7300.


The PXE7300 can display song name, artist, album, and filename. This corresponds to the Track title, Artist, Album, and Track Filename fields shown on the screen. Each of these fields can be modified to the user’s preference. Note: The PXE7300 is limited to displaying up to 22 characters in each of these fields. Click on the appropriate field to modify the track title, artist, or album. To modify the filename, select the Rename Files button in the lower left corner. Click on the field labeled New File Name and press OK to change the file name. Press the Apply and OK buttons to update the information

PXE7300 Installation and Operator’s Manual



Create up to five MP3 files with the desired playback messages. These files must be named


. File 0001 corresponds to playback input 1, etc.

Start MusicMatch JukeBox. Click the

icon in the Music Library window to bring up the

information screen. Select the General tab to show the MP3 file information. Fill in the field. This information will be displayed on the PXE7300 when the file is active. This field may be up to 22 characters in length.


to open the CD burner window.

Select the MP3 disc icon to burn an MP3 disk.

Double click on the

box, located to the right of the three disc types. Type

in the window and press RETURN to update the CD volume name.



4. 5. 6.


file dialogue box. Select the files

will transfer a copy of the files to the Music Library.

Select a file in the Music Library box and click on the

and click the

button. This

button to access the MP3 tagged

can also be dragged from the Music Library box. Place the blank CD in the drive and select the BURN icon to burn the CD.


Select any other MP3 files you wish to add to the disc.

Select the

icon (+ sign) to open the file dialogue box. Select the files 0

and press the



Appendix A

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