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PXE7300 Installation and Operator’s Manual


STC SA02572AT applied, with an FAA-Approved Model List (AML) to a broad range of aircraft makes and models. Consult www.ps-engineering.com/STC-AML.shtml for the list.

One method of airworthiness approval in other aircraft is through an FAA Form 337, In the case of the PXE7300, you may use the following text as a guide.

This unit is installed in accordance with FAA-STC SA02572AT, which specifically references the installa- tion manual.

Installed IFE System, PS Engineering PXE7300, part number 1197 (X) in (

) at station

. In-

stalled per

(Instrument Panel Mounting). Installed per PS Engineering p/n 200-971-(XXXX), revision (), dated ( ).

Interface to existing aircraft radios in accordance with installation manual and in compliance with practices

listed in

, Chapter 2. All wires are Mil-Spec 22759 or 27500. Connection to aircraft dimmer bus is

. Power is supplied to the unit through a A circuit breaker (type and part number), ____________________ and total electrical load does not exceed __ % of the electrical system capacity with the PXE7300 added.

Aircraft equipment list, weights and balance amended. Compass compensation checked. A copy of the opera- tion instructions, contained in PS Engineering document 200-973-( ), revision ( ), dated ( ), is placed in the

aircraft records. All work accomplished listed on Work Order


Sample ICA Checklist for PS Engineering PXE7300s:

Introduction Description

Controls Servicing

Installation of In-Flight Entertainment system. Installation as described in manufacturer’s installation manual referenced on FAA Form 337, including interface with other avionics audio as required. See installation and operator’s guide referenced on FAA Form 337. None Required

Maintenance Instructions Troubleshooting

Removal and replacement informa- tion

Diagrams Special Inspection Requirements Protective Treatments Structural Data Special Tools Not Applicable Recommended Overhaul Periods Airworthiness Limitations Revision

On Condition, no special instructions In the event of a unit problem, place the unit into “off,” or pull circuit breaker labeled”IFE.”. Follow checkout instructions in the installation manual refer- enced on the FAA Form 337. For a specific unit fault, contact the manufacturer at (865) 988-9800 for special instructions. Removal: Using a 3/32” Allen-head wrench, carefully unscrew the locking screw located in the center of the unit. While turning the wrench CCW, gently pull on the EDGES of the bezel until the unit is free from the mounting tray. Installation: Engage the locking screw at the back. Turn the locking screw CW, while applying slight pressure to the edges of the bezel. Do not over tighten! Not applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable None Not Applicable None Not Applicable To be determined by installer


Appendix D

December. 2002

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