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PXE7300 Series IFE System Installation and Operator’s Manual

These sections provide detailed installation and interconnect instructions for the PXE7300 In-Flight En- tertainment System with integrated Compact Disc (CD) Player and AM/FM radio receiver.

Please read this manual carefully before beginning any installation to prevent damage and post-installation problems. Installation of this equipment requires special tools and knowledge.

Use care when unpacking the equipment. Inspect the units and parts supplied for visible signs of shipping damage. Examine the unit for loose or broken buttons, bent knobs, etc. Verify the correct quantity of com- ponents supplied with the list in Section 1.6 (B). If any claim is to be made, save the shipping material and contact the freight carrier. Do NOT return units damaged in shipping to PS Engineering. If the unit or an accessory shows any sign of external shipping damage, contact PS Engineering to arrange for a replace- ment. Under no circumstances attempt to install a damaged unit in an aircraft. Equipment returned to PS Engineering for any other reason should be shipped in the original PS Engineering packaging, or other UPS approved packaging.

Forced air-cooling of the PXE7300 is not required. However, the unit should be kept away from heat pro- ducing sources (i.e. defrost or heater ducts, dropping resistors, heat producing avionics) without adequate cooling air provided.

The PXE7300 must be rigidly mounted to the instrument panel or other structure of the aircraft structure and within view and reach of the persons wishing access. Installation must comply with FAA Advisory Circular AC 43.13-2A (or later revision). The unit may be mounted in any area where adequate clearance for the unit and associated wiring bundle exist.

The unit must be installed within ±30° of horizontal along the pitch axis, and ±10° of horizontal along the roll axis in level flight.

Avoid installing the PXE7300 close to high current devices or systems with high-voltage, pulse type out- puts, such as DME or transponders.


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