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Cummins Power Generation Grows in Fridley

Although fourth quarter GDP for our national economy was only .6%, Cummins Power Generation appears to be growing. After hearing that they might be expanding their Fridley facilities by adding as much as 160,000 square feet to their Fridley campus, we asked them some questions about the products they make in Fridley and their prospects for growth. Here’s what they said.

Let’s start with the products that are produced here. A visit to their website told

Fridley employees (from left): Sarah Boyles, Rapid Response Team Leader; Larry Bey, Manager, Industry Standards and Codes; and Jie Luo, Ph.D., Senior Design Engineer

us that they manufacture a wide variety of products in several product categories, including portable generator products, generator products for residential use, generator products for commercial vehicles, products for recreational vehicles (RVs), marine generator products, and something called APU (Alternative Power Unit) products. When we asked which of these products were manufactured in Fridley, we were told that most of these products were produced in our community.

We were also told that Cummins’ Fridley workforce included between 800 and 900 manufacturing employees and another 1,000 employees who provide support services, including research and development. Additionally, we were told that as the parent company prospers (Cummins reports four straight years of record financial performance) they have added approximately 100 manufacturing employees and an unspecified number of support employees to their Fridley workforce. Their total workforce in Fridley includes 106 Fridley residents (including the three residents pictured above) and many others who live in nearby Anoka County communities.

smaller, lighter and quieter generator that is 20% more fuel-efficient and 50% quieter than a more traditional generator.

Other new products include sound attenuated enclosures for generators and “low range generators” that ensure that generators will continue to operate safely during and after disasters. Additionally, Cummins has introduced new digital controls in 2008 and transfer switches that can be remotely controlled from any location via the Internet.

As for the new space, Cummins indicates that their sales growth has generated discussions about expansion of their Fridley facilities. While they have gone as far as to discuss lot coverage and other zoning- related issues pertaining to their Fridley property with City staff, they indicate that they are in the very early planning stages of an expansion project. At this point, they’ve made no decision to proceed with expansion. As we hear more about this possibility, we will cover it in future newsletter articles.

According to Claire Roper, Director of Marketing for Cummins Power Generation, the company places a high priority on innovation and the development of new and improved products. Each year they spend millions of dollars company-wide on their R&D efforts, including those in Fridley. Moreover, eighty of their current active patents are for power generation products developed in Fridley.

Meanwhile, the City wishes the Cummins Power Generation continued success with their product development and sales of Fridley-made products. We also thank them for their generous donations of generators for four of our fire engines and an engine for one of our fire trucks. Cummins has also recently loaned us a generator for ‘49er Days and provided a reduced cost generator for the Fridley Municipal Center. We are truly grateful for their presence in Fridley.

These new products include hybrid generators that are used extensively in large RVs. These new hybrid generators pull some of their power from the “coach batteries’ to meet peak demands. This allows a

For more information about Cummins Power Generation, please contact Debby Wadsworth at 1400 73rd Avenue NE, Fridley, MN 55432

Clint Coppicus and Bob Bennek Retire As Firefighters

Firefighters Clint Coppicus and Bob Bennek recently ended long careers as paid-on-call firefighters. Clint had been with Fridley for more than thirty years. Bob had served for more than twenty years. Clint had also served as an Assistant Fire Chief for the last seven years.

As is the case with all of Fridley’s paid-on-call firefighters, Clint and Bob live in Fridley and hold full-time jobs with outside employers. Clint is an electrical engineer who works for Medtronic. Bob is an equipment services employee with Northwest Airlines.

Clint Coppicus

Bob Bennek

Bob and Clint hold Emergency Medical Technician certificates and both have attended many Emergency Medical Services seminars. Bob has served on the Fire Department’s EMS Committee. While we do not have a record of how many medical and fire calls each has attended, we suspect that each has responded to well over 1,000 calls in service to Fridley residents.

Clint and Bob had many exciting, sad and memorable calls to Fridley residents. They were both good firefighters who served the City well. We wish them many happy years of firefighter memories and thank them for their dedication to our community.

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The City Assessors are Coming

The City’s Appraiser Lynn Krachmer will be visiting the southernmost area of the City (the area south of Hathaway Lane lying east of Highway 65 to the City border) this year to update the City’s record of residential property values. He will be doing inspections Monday through Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and on Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The area to be visited is shown on the map below.

Lynn will be going door-to-door in this area. If the resident is home, he will show his City identification and ask to do a visual inspection of the inside of the property. If no one is home, he will leave a pink tag on the door which explains the reassessment process and asks that the property owner contact him to arrange an appointment. If we do not hear from the property owner within a month, a reminder letter will be sent. If we do not hear from the property owner within two to three weeks following the reminder letter, Lynn will estimate the value of the property. If the property owner disagrees with the value assigned on the tax statement received next spring, the only way he/she may appeal to the Local Board of Equalization is by allowing the appraiser to physically review the property.

As he surveys your property, he will be looking for major improvements to the property that add value. New basement finishes, extensive kitchen remodeling and new additions, garages, porches and decks will typically add value to your home. Replacement items such as roofs, siding and windows will raise the value of your property slightly in that they increase the longevity of your home.

Approximately 20 percent of Fridley residences are reappraised each year. The values identified in 2008 through the appraisal process along with the analysis of 2008 sales will establish the 2009 tax value of the home for taxes payable in 2010. Similarly, values that were established in 2007 through analysis of sales data and home appraisals will provide tax value for 2008 and will be reflected in taxes paid in 2009. The bottom line is that there is always a two-year lag between the time the data on values are collected and the time they are reflected in property taxes.

Understanding this lag in values will help residents understand the tax statements they receive in the spring of each year. After taking this into account, if you still disagree with the value assigned to your property, please contact the City’s Assessor, Mary Smith, at 572-3537. In many cases Mary will be able to resolve your problems without resorting to the formal appeal process described on your tax statement.

Please note that City staff do carry a photo identification card. Please make sure you request

to see it. We look forward to working with in updating your property values and making









you the any

questions, please contact at 572-3537; or Lynn at 572-3536.

Mary Smith, City Assessor, Krachmer, City Appraiser,

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