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2.Sound insulated walls and partitions:  Embed floor runner tracks in two beads of acoustical sealant or two runs of compressible tape seal.  Install top track nested into slotted track system, in same manner for full height of walls.  Where wall ends abutting concrete, masonry, or steel set end studs in two beads of acoustical sealant or two tape seals and secure at 4-foot centers vertically.

3.Space studs not over 16 inch on center unless indicated otherwise.  Studs shall be located approximately 2 inches from door frame jambs, abutting partitions and partition corners, except those providing support for door and window openings.

4.Furnish and install manufacturer's standard floor track.  Fasten track to floor by means of 1/4 inch x 1-1/4 inch Star "Dryvin" hammer drive anchors or 3/16 inch x 1 inch round head, "Rawl-Drives" one-piece expansion bolts spaced not to exceed 3 feet, and installed in drilled holes in slab, or to wood joist with nails as indicated. Track may be fastened to concrete floor slabs with, power-driven fasteners.

5.Studs shall be seated squarely in track with stud web and flanges abutting track web, plumbed and securely fastened with sheet metal screws, to flanges or web of both floor and top tracks. Provide 4 screws per stud.

6.Where there is no suspended ceiling, tops of stud walls shall be provided with track and shoes and be fastened as specified for floors. Welding of studs to ceiling track will not be permitted except where bearing studs are installed.

7.Over metal doorframes, install a cut-to-length section of runner track, with flanges slit and web-bent to allow flanges to overlap adjacent vertical studs, and securely fasten to studs. At doorjambs, extend studs continuous to structure above.

8.Bridging, or horizontal bracing of 1-1/2 inch, cold-rolled channels shall be fastened in a manner to prevent stud rotation. Bridging shall be furnished as follows: walls up to 10 feet high, one row at mid-height; walls exceeding 10 feet high, bridging or bracing rows spaced not to exceed 5 feet on center.

9.Wind bracing shall be fastened where indicated on Drawings. Minimum size of strap shall be as indicated on Drawings. Track where strap terminates shall be anchored as indicated on Drawings.

B.Plaster Ceiling Suspension System:

1.Provide horizontal furring in accordance with CBC Table 25A-A.

2.Hanger Wires:

a.Hanger wires for ceilings suspended from wood frame construction shall be installed in accordance with CBC Table 25A-A and shall be fastened with stem lag screws in bottom edge of joists or rafters. Wire shall be looped through hole in stem lag screw and then wrapped twice around it. Stem lag screws shall be "Stanlag Screws" by Stanline, Inc., or equal, of type and penetration as follows:



Hanger Wire

Screw Penetration, Minimum

Stanlag #SLS-3

#12 & #10

1-1/4 inch




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