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Stanlag #SLS-375

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b.Hanger wire shall be wrapped twice around runner channel, drawn up taut, and wrapped twice around itself.

3.Runner channels shall be installed 6 inches maximum from walls, parallel to runners. Splices in runner channels shall be provided at hangers only, by lapping channels not less than 12 inches and tying channels together at 2 points with a double wrap of tie wire twisted up taut.

4.Ends of runner channels abutting concrete or masonry surfaces shall be 1-1/4 inch clear and shall be tied to wall or partition with 3/4 inch channel brackets providing a 4-inch right angle bend secured with two 1/4 inch by 1 inch power-driven fasteners. Brackets shall extend from face of surface not less than 8 inches and shall be tied to runner channels at 2 points with double wrap of tie wire twisted up taut.

5.Securely saddle-tie furring channels to runner channels at each crossing with 16 gage tie wire twisted up taut, and with wings left uncut and bent back.

C.Gypsum Wallboard Ceiling Suspension and Framing:  Suspended ceiling system framing shall be installed in accordance with ASTM C 754, and as follows.

1.Hangers shall be spaced not more than 48 inches along runner channels and 36 inches in other direction or 42 inches in both directions unless otherwise indicated. Locations of hanger wires shall be coordinated with other Work. Hangers at ends of runner channels shall be located not more than 6 inches from walls. Hanger wire shall be fastened to structural elements with required fasteners. Sags or twists, which develop in suspended system, shall be adjusted. Damaged or faulty parts shall be replaced.

2.Main Runners:  Hanger wires shall be double strand saddle-tied to runner channels and ends of hanger wire shall be twisted three times around itself. Main runners shall be located to within 6 inches of parallel wall to support ends of cross furring. Main runners shall not come in contact with abutting masonry or concrete walls. Where main runners are spliced, ends shall be overlapped 12 inches with flanges of channels interlocked, and shall be securely tied at each end of splice with wire looped twice around channels.

3.Furring channels shall be fastened to runner channels and to structural supports at each crossing with tie wire, hairpin clips, or required fastenings. Furring channels shall be located within 2 inches of parallel walls and beams, and shall be cut 1/2 inch short of abutting walls.

4.Ceiling Openings:  Support members shall be provided as required at ceiling openings for access panels, recessed light fixtures, and air supply or exhaust. Support members shall be not less than 1-1/2 inch main runner channels and vertically installed suspension wires or straps shall be located to provide at least minimum support specified for furring and wallboard attachment. Intermediate structural members not a part of structural system, shall be provided for attachment or suspension of support members.

5.Light fixtures and air diffusers shall be supported directly from suspended ceiling runners. Wires shall be provided at required locations to support weight of recessed or surface mounted light fixtures and air diffusers.




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