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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  101

Not all of these characteristics are currently supported in industry standards. These items are noted here for informational purposes and will be documented in appropriate industry specifications and other technical documents as the technologies mature.

The Update on ClearType Font Technology and LCD Displays web page has additional information about ClearType technologies and is listed in “Monitors References.”

B4.2.4.11 Monitor supports 59.94 Hz operation
B4.2.4.12 Monitor complies with Display Device Power Management Reference Specification

Monitors are required to support only D0 and D3 states.

Display Device Class Power Management Reference Specification, Version 2.0 provides definitions of the OnNow device power states (D0–D3) for graphics adapters and monitors. The specification also covers device functionality expected in each power state and the possible wakeup event definitions for the class, if any.

B4.2.5 Monitors - FAQs

B4.2.5.1 Current Monitor FAQs

See http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware//.

B4.2.5.2 Updated at B4.2.4.1
B4.2.5.3 See B4.2.4.2
B4.2.5.4 Updated at B4.2.4.1
B4.2.5.5 Updated at B4.2.4.12

B4.2.R Monitors - Future Requirements

Announcement of additional future requirements will be published at http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/

B4.2.R.1 Cathode Ray Tube complies with Windows Color Quality Specifications

Color matching capabilities supported in a color cathode ray tube must comply with the requirements defined in Section 4 of "Windows Color Quality Specifications for Cathode Ray Tube OEMs," available at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/tech/color/ In particular, the following color tolerances must be met.

Color element


Red primary

x=0.640 +0.020/-0.035 y=0.330 +0.030/-0.020

Green primary

x=0.300 +0.020/-0.035 y=0.600 +0.020/-0.020

Blue primary

x=0.150 +0.015/-0.015 y=0.060 +0.030/-0.015

White point

Where x(sRGB)=0.3127 and y(sRGB)=0.3290 |dx|, |dy| < 0.02 |dx – dy| < 0.02

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