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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  111

B5.6.2.3 ISO/IEC Specifications

ISO/IEC 7811-1:1995 Identification Cards—Recording technique—Part 1: Embossing

ISO/IEC 7811-3:1995 Identification Cards—Recording technique—Part 3: Location of embossed characters on ID-1 cards

ISO/IEC 7813:1995 Identification Cards—Financial transaction cards

ISO/IEC 10373:1993 Identification cards—Test methods

ISO 13491-1:1998 Banking—Secure cryptographic devices (retail)—Part 1: Concepts, requirements and evaluation methods.

B5.6.3 Smart Card - Quality

B5.6.3.1 - See B1.4.12; A1.1.4.13
B5.6.3.2 Pass WHQL tests - See B1.3.

See “Smart Card Readers” in HCT documentation.

B5.6.4 Smart Card - Windows Experience

Design Guideline References: Smart Card for Windows web site at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/tech/input/smartcard/

B5.6.4.1 Driver does not cause system to stop running if required resources are not available
B5.6.4.2 Driver supports multiple instances of the same device on system without problems
B5.6.4.3 See B1.4.5
B5.6.4.4 Reader supports required capabilities
B5. Direct and Inverse-convention smart cards.

A smart card reader must support both inverse and direct convention smart cards either in hardware or in the driver for the operating system.

B5. 258 byte packets in T=0 and 259 byte packets in T=1.

A smart card reader must support the exchange of the following in a single transmission:

258 byte packets in T=0—that is, 256 data bytes plus the two status words SW1 and SW2.

259 byte packets in T=1—that is, 254 information bytes plus node address, packet control bytes, length, and two Error Detection Code bytes.

B5. Smart card insertion/removal monitor.

A smart card reader must be able to detect and report smart card insertions and removals without any user intervention other than removing or inserting the smart card itself. The reader must use an interrupt mechanism to report the smart card insertion or removal to the system. A driver polling method to detect smart card insertion and removals is not an acceptable method for meeting this requirement.

B5. Reader must support negotiable and specific modes according to ISO/IEC 7816-3 (1997-12-15) Sections 5.4 and 7.

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