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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  115

B6. V.250 Extended AT Command Set (formerly V.25 ter).

B6. If V.92 is implemented, it must be compliant.

B6. The following AT Commands must be defined in the modem driver INF file. See the Modem section of the Windows DDK for more information on these AT commands.

Blind Dial (see B6. CallSetupFailTimeout Data Compression DialOption – WaitForQuiet DialOption – WaitForDialTone ErrorControl (see B6. ForcedErrorControl Hardware FlowControl Software FlowControl SpeakerMode SpearerVolume SpeedAdjust SpeedNegotiation

B6. If the following AT commands are implemented, they must be compliant with the standard:

Blacklist and delay response (see B6. Diagnostics – AT#UD (see B6. InactivityTimeout Pulse Dial V.250 GCI Country Select (see B6.

See B6.1.1.4 for general information on Standard Modem Command Sets and INFs.

If the AT command for a particular function is implemented, the corresponding V.250 AT command must be supported.

Windows Unimodem does not use the following commands directly; therefore, these are not in the sample INF and are not required: +ICF, +MA, +EB, +ESR, +ETBM. These commands are only required if the function is controllable in the modem by way of AT commands; in that case, the standard V.250 commands defined here must be included

B6. The modem controller must meet these additional requirements:

AT command buffer of at least 60 characters

Semicolon (;) character dial string modifier, unless prohibited by national regulations

Software-upgradeable modem controller (upgradeable ROM or Windows modem) is not required.

If the Unimodem Diagnostics command, AT#UD, is implemented, it must comply with the standard.

B6. If V.250 is implemented, modem must be certified by the local telecom regulation body in all countries supported by GCI commands.

GCI commands are part of V.250. Country codes can be found in T.35. See B6.

B6. If implemented, wireless/cellular modem supports appropriate control commands.
B6. If Caller ID detection is implemented, modem supports Caller ID Reporting using +VCID and +VRID commands

If Caller ID detection is implemented, reporting must be controlled with the AT+VCID command from V.253. If Caller ID message reporting is implemented, it must be controlled with the AT+VRID command from V.253.

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