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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  118

B6. If fax modem capabilities are implemented, Fax—14.4 Kbps (V.17) with Class 1 (TIA-578-A) command set.

If fax modem capabilities are implemented, the fax modem must support 14.4 kilobits per second (Kbps) (V.17) with the Class 1 (ITU T.31) command set.

If fax modems include fax/data media detection (for example, T.32 +FAA command), the INF file must include the necessary registry keys, as defined in the MDK, which is provided in the Windows DDK.

Recommended for ISDN connected modems, not required.

B6.1.4.3 Controller-based modem supports additional capabilities
B6. 9.6 Kbps connectivity to analog modem.
B6. Connection to reference modem; see test documentation for list.
B6. Error control and blind dial.
B6. AT commands:

ATA - accept ringing ATD - dial ATE - echo setting ATH - hangup ATI - get modem information S0 - S0 register (0 value is to disable to accept ringing) ATV - response code style ATZ - reset - - Initialize - - Hard/Soft flow control

B6.1.4.4 PIAFS modem supports additional capabilities
B6. 32 Kbps (PIAFS 1.0) connectivity to PIAFS modem.
B6. Connection to DC-6S in PIAFS 1.0 and to SII NS-2482-30 (dial-up).
B6. If modem supports delayed/blacklisted numbers, modem generates appropriate error messages for delayed and blacklisted numbers (where applicable).

During certain international Post, Telephone, and Telegraph certification processes, modems must support the delayed and blacklisted numbers feature. For details, see European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) ETS 300 001.

For Windows compatibility, modems that support delayed and blacklisted number tables must generate end-user legible error messages to report these conditions. Provide modem INF file drivers that translate these error messages for Unimodem and TAPI.

B6.1.4.5 ISDN modem - See B7.4.
B6.1.4.6 DELETED
B6.1.4.7 Global System for mobile communications or digital cellular phone support, if implemented, includes required command and protocol support

See B6.

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