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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  123

B7.1.3.1 Pass WHQL tests

See “Network Devices” in the HCT documentation.

B7.1.3.2; B7.1.3.3; B7.1.3.4; B7.1.3.5;  B7.1.3.6  - See B7.1.3.1

B7.1.4 General Network - Windows Experiences

B7.1.4.1 - See B7.1.1.4
B7. Adapter automatically senses presence of functional network connection.

See B7.1.1.1 for updated Media Sense requirements.

B7. Adapter automatically senses transceiver type.

Network adapters that support multiple transceivers must be capable of automatically detecting which transceiver type is connected to the network unless detection is not possible with the network media available. The network adapter then must automatically drive the correct connection. In all cases, the user must not be required to set jumpers or manually enter information to inform the operating system of the transceiver type.

B7. Adapter can transmit packets from buffers aligned on any boundary.

Buffer alignment refers to whether a buffer begins on an odd-byte, word, double word, or other boundary. Adapters must be able to transmit packets, any of whose fragments are on an odd-byte boundary.

For performance reasons, packets must be received into contiguous buffers on a double word boundary.

B7. Adapter communicates with driver across any bridge.

All communications must be free of errors across any bridge, such as a PCI bridge adapter.

B7. Adapter supports filtering for at least 32 multicast addresses.

The None, Directed and Broadcast packet filters are required for all devices. For multicast and all multicast filters:

Include support for 32 multicast addresses

Perfect filtering is not required

This is required for all devices, except it is only required for DSL and cable modem devices if the feature is implemented.

B7. Adapter and driver support multicast modes.

This is required for all devices, except it is only required for DSL and cable modem devices if the feature is implemented.

Adapter and driver support all multicast modes. The miniport driver supports all filter types within the DDK.

Notice that, by default, multicast promiscuous mode is not turned on.

B7. makes only NDIS library calls or WDM system calls.
B7.1.3.3 PCI network adapters are bus masters.

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