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from the MAC headers of received packets and copy the priority to the NDIS_PER_PACKET_INFO structure before indicating the packet to higher protocol layers.

Notice that any link layer driver has the ability to interpret the priority information in the NDIS_PER_PACKET_INFO structure and use it as appropriate for the particular media.

For more information, see the Windows DDK and “QOS: Assigning Priority in IEEE 802-style Networks.”

See also “QoS: Assigning Priority in IEEE 802-style Networks,” available at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/tech/network/qos/qos.asp

B7.1.4.11 External networking devices support standard control interfaces as applicable
B7. All external USB networking devices support USB Communications Class Device 1.1 or higher.
B7. NDIS 5.0 (WDM layered) miniport driver required for USB-connected network adapters
B7.1.4.12 Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition: Additional adapter and driver support
B7. NDIS 5.0 miniport driver supports high-performance send and receive calls.

NDIS drivers for server-side network adapters must support the higher performance send (NdisSendPackets) and receive (NdisMIndicateReceivePacket) calls as documented in the Windows DDK.

B7. - See B7.1.4.2
B7. If the network device is for connection-oriented media, it must meet connection-oriented miniport driver and call manager driver requirements.

See the Network Drivers section of the Windows DDK for more information related to this requirement.

B7.1.5 General Network - FAQs

B7.1.5.1 Current Network Device FAQs

See http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

B7.1.5.2 NDIS status codes and indication mechanisms

See NdisMIndicateStatus in the Windows DDK.

B7.1.5.3 DELETED

Related A1.1.6 deleted.

B7.1.R General Network - Future Requirements

Announcement of additional future requirements will be published at http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

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