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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  130

CAP/QAM ADSL modems must support G.994.1; see B7.1.4.5

B7.3.3 DSL Device - Quality

B7.3.3.1 Pass WHQL tests - See B1.3.

See “DSL Devices” in HCT documentation.

B7.3.4 DSL Device - Windows Experiences

B7.3.4.1 All requirements in B7.1.3, except B7.1.3.4 (WOL and power management)

DSL simultaneous connections require support for 32 or more connections.

B7.3.4.2 Integrated ADSL modem meets Windows Logo Program network adapter requirements

An integrated ADSL modem exposing an Ethernet interface must also meet the requirements to support filtering for at least 32 multicast addresses.

B7.3.5 DSL Device - FAQs

B7.3.5.1 - See B7.1.5
B7.3.5.2 – See B7.1.3  

B7.3.R DSL Device - Future Requirements

See B7.1.R.

B7.4 ISDN Net Device

All general requirements in B1.0 are included by reference. All bus-specific requirements in B2.0 are included by reference. All general network device requirements in B7.1 are included by reference, except for requirements specific to connection-less or LAN devices.

B7.4.1 ISDN Net Device - Windows Compatibility

See B7.1.1.

B7.4.2 ISDN Net Device - Industry Standards

See B7.1.2.

B7.4.3 ISDN Net Device - Quality

See “WAN ISDN Network Devices” in HCT documentation.

B7.4.4 ISDN Net Device - Windows Experiences

B7.4.4.1 Performance meets minimal expectations on high-end broadband network devices

If the ISDN device has an S/T-interface for connecting additional ISDN devices, it must also have software-configurable terminating resistors that can be selected on or off. The default value of

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