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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  135

If an IEEE 1284, serial, or IR port connection is included on the printer, that connection must meet the requirements defined in Legacy Plug and Play Guidelines.

See FAQ B8.1.5.4

B8.1.4.7 Color printer complies with Windows Color Quality Specifications for Printer OEMs

Color matching capabilities supported in a color printer must comply with the requirements defined in Section 8 of “Windows color quality specifications for printer OEMs,” at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/tech/color/ColorTest.asp#Print.

In particular, the following Delta E tolerances must be met for image, graphics, and Pantone patches with default rendering intent:

Average Delta E less than or equal to 12 for center colors

Average Delta E less than or equal to 20 for device colors

B8.1.4.8 USB printer driver takes advantage of built-in operating system support for USB printers

Windows DDK - see “USB Printing” in the DDK

B8.1.4.9 Plug and Play IDs are specific, and INF [Install] sections only key off the most specific IDs

As described in the Windows DDK; see references in B8.1.1.

B8.1.4.10 Printer and driver capabilities requirements
B8. Printable regions accuracy.

The printable regions that can be selected in the user interface must be accurately supported in the actual print output.

B8. Printer driver runs only in user mode.

Printer drivers for Windows must run only in user mode. Drivers that run in kernel mode can incur stability problems. For driver implementation requirements, see "Choosing User Mode or Kernel Mode" in the Windows DDK.

B8. DevMode structure support

The driver must correctly support the DEVMODE structure. See “DEVMODEW” in the Windows DDK.

B8. Printer INF file and installation.

The manufacturer must provide a printer INF file that installs all printer device components. The manufacturer does not need to supply a printer INF file if a standard printer INF file provided with the operating system can be used.

If the manufacturer provides an INF file, it must be complete and free of errors. This INF file must comply with the printer-specific extensions listed in the Windows DDK.

Plug and Play IDs must be specific, and INF file [Install] sections must only key off the most specific IDs, as described in the following list.


ID string in the printer INF file

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