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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  136


Contains &VID and &PID in the ID string

IEEE 1394

Always specific, with 1394 in the ID string

Parallel port printer

Contains LPTENUM\ in the ID string

USB printer

Contains USBPRINT\ in the ID string

Dot4 printer

Contains DOT4PRT\ in the ID string

See “Printer INF Files” in the Windows DDK.

B8.1.5 Printers - FAQs

B8.1.5.1 Current Print Device FAQs

See http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

B8.1.5.2 UPDATED IN B8.
B8.1.5.3 ECP mode [Logo Program Clarification]

For printers that provide a parallel interface, support for ECP mode is required; support for bi-direction mode is not required. FAQ Date: May 4, 2000

B8.1.5.4 Updated at B8.1.4.6

B8.1.R Printers - Future Requirements

Announcement of additional future requirements will be published at http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

B9.0 Still Image Devices

B9.1 General Still Image Devices

All general requirements in B1.0 are included by reference. All bus-specific requirements in B2.0 are included by reference.

B9.1.1 Still Image Devices - Windows Compatibility

B9.1.1.1 Still image driver support

Digital still cameras that stream video while tethered must have WDM stream class drivers as defined in "Still Image Devices" in the Windows DDK.

B9. Vendor provides a WIA driver or supports Picture Transfer Protocol (PIMA 15740) in camera firmware.

Scanner vendors must provide a WIA driver. Digital camera vendors can implement one of the following solutions:

Provide a camera-specific WIA driver.

Ensure the camera firmware adheres to the mandatory commands in the PTP (PIMA 15740) standard.

Implement support compliant with the USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only or CBI specification and use the Microsoft Usbstor.sys storage driver.

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