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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  137

Still image devices are supported under WIA architecture or PIMA 15740. For the Windows Logo Program, the scanner vendor must provide a WIA driver. For digital cameras, however, vendors have theses options:

Provide a camera-specific WIA driver.

Ensure the camera firmware adheres to the mandatory commands in the PIMA 15740 standard.

Implement support compliant with the USB Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only specification and use the Microsoft Usbstor.sys storage driver.

These choices are available because Windows provides a WIA driver for PIMA 15740 and USB Mass Storage Class devices, accomplishing the same functional purpose.

Note: Optimal user experience is seamless integration of the imaging peripheral with the Windows environment. The operating system detects hot-pluggable WIA devices such as digital cameras, providing a seamless interface with the device. For persistent-connection devices, such as scanners, implementation of device events via buttons and sensors will deliver this functionality after initial installation.

See "Still Image Drivers" in the Windows DDK.

B9. Driver supports TWAIN 1.7, if TWAIN support is implemented.

For devices with a TWAIN data source, the device driver must support the TWAIN Specification, Version 1.7, ensuring that the device can run without a hardware-specific user interface and download n number of images at a single time.

B9.1.1.2 "Color Management for Still Image Devices" in the Windows DDK

See related background information at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/tech/color/.

Note: This is a general reference, not a requirement.

B9.1.1.3 Windows compatibility and implementation notes (general)


Note: This is a general reference, not a requirement.

B9.1.1.4 Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) driver support


Note: This is a general reference, not a requirement.

B9.1.1.5 DELETED

B9.1.2 Still Image Devices - Industry Standards

Note: This list provides complete titles and web locations for references cited. The listing of a reference here does not imply that complete compliance with that reference is a Windows Logo Program requirement.  

B9.1.2.1 Photographic and Imaging Manufacturers Association (PIMA) 15740, "Requirements for communication with digital photography devices"


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