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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  138

B9.1.2.2 USB Still Image Capture Device Definition, V.0.9 or later


B9.1.2.3 Legacy Plug and Play Guidelines


B9.1.2.4 ICC Profile Format Specification, Spec ICC.1:1988-09 and Addendum 2, ICC.1A:1999-04


B9.1.2.5 Design Rule for Camera File system (DCF) Specification


B9.1.2.6 Specification for Exchangeable image file format (EXIF)

EXIF is used in the digital still cameras and related systems.


B9.1.3 Still Image Devices - Quality

WHQL Test Specification References: Chapter 13: Still Imaging/WIA Test Specification

B9.1.3.1 through B9.1.3.3 - See B9.1.1.1
B9.1.3.4 Pass WHQL tests - See B1.3

See “Scanners”, “Cameras” and “Removable Media Drives” in HCT documentation.

B9.1.4 Still Image Devices - Windows Experience

Design Guidelines: WIA at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/wia/

B9.1.4.1 Device uses USB or IEEE 1394 connection

A digital still camera must use either USB or IEEE 1394 port connections. Other port connections may be present on the device, if these port connections meet Logo Program requirements.

It is possible to create a camera that appears to the operating system to be a storage device (and not a camera) by supporting the USB Mass Storage Class specification in camera firmware. In this case, the device is a storage device and must adhere to storage specifications. However, Microsoft will not grant a "Designed for Windows" logo to cameras that only appear as hard drives to Windows. The reason for this exclusion is that such a device is specifically not designed for Windows, and it loses functionality when attached to a Windows-based PC. A camera that is designed for Windows retains camera functionality when attached, so the user can take advantage of the imaging feature sets in Windows.

B9.1.4.2 Device associates an ICC profile

Devices that create sRGB output must associate the "sRGB Color Space Profile.icm" Windows default ICC profile with the device.

Devices using a vendor-supplied ICC profile or profiles must associate this profile or profiles with the device.

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