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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  139

Windows supports using color profiles that comply with the Specification ICC.1:1998-09 File Format for Color Profiles. The ICM APIs and functionality for Windows are defined in the Microsoft Platform SDK and the Windows DDK. For more information, see the Color Management web page at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/tech/color/

For color-capable devices that do not default to sRGB output, the vendor must install and associate one or more ICC profiles for ICM. Devices that are sRGB compliant do not need to provide an ICC profile. The sRGB profile is distributed in Windows.

The requirements for sRGB are defined in IEC 61966-2-1 Multimedia systems and equipment – Colour measurement and management – Part 2-1: Colour management – Default RGB colour space – sRGB.

B9.1.4.3- B9.1.4.5 DELETED
B9.1.4.6 Digital camera uses PC-compatible file system for removable storage

For devices that include removable flash memory, the memory must use one of the following PC-compatible file systems:

Media integrates an ATA controller, or Flash Translation Layer.

Media implements a PC-compatible file system (FATxx or NTFS), or proprietary file system is installed using Installable file system (IFS).

A PC Card ATA flash card must support at least one LogConfig with an IRQ resource.

B9. Media integrates an ATA controller
B9. Device file system installs via the Windows XP Installable File System.
B9. Device ships with a Windows Media Device Manager (WMDM) pluggable service provider.
B9.1.4.7 DELETED
B9.1.4.8 DELETED  
B9.1.4.9 Digital camera stores images in JPEG-compressed file format

A digital still camera must provide the user with the option to store images in a JPEG-compressed format.

B9.1.4.10 Asynchronous imaging device with an IEEE 1394 interface uses SBP2Port

SBP2Port.sys is the IEEE 1394 transport driver in Windows. It provides transport services for SCSI-like commands over IEEE 1394. Scanners must use SBP2Port to communicate over IEEE 1394 if converting the device from a SCSI or SCSI-like interface. Implementation details for bus-specific transfer protocols are defined in the “Storage Drivers” section of the Windows DDK.

B9.1.5 Still Image Devices - FAQs
B9.1.5.1 The current still image FAQs

See http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

B9.1.5.2 Updated at B9.1.4.6
B9.1.5.3 Updated at B9.1.4.1

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