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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  142

SCSI host adapters with boot ROMs must support the current No Emulation mode of the “El Torito”–Bootable CD-ROM Format Specification, Version 1.0 and the BIOS Boot Specification, Version 1.01.

The INT 13h Extensions ensure correct support for high-capacity drives, and consistent drive-letter mapping between real mode and protected mode. Support for the fixed-disk access subset of INT 13h Extensions must be provided in the system BIOS and in any option ROMs for storage devices that include BIOS support. The INT 13h Extensions are defined in the “Layered Block Device Drivers” section of the Windows DDK.

B10.1.4.3 Removable media devices support media status notification

The intent of the requirement for media status notification is for devices to support the commands of the implemented bus interface so the operating system can detect when a media event has taken place. The requirements for removable storage devices are defined in the following table; they apply either to single LUN devices or to devices that are part of a Multiple LUN device.

A CD-R/RW drive must support the following Get Event/Status Notification commands:     Operational Change Request/Notification     External Request     Media Request     Device Busy

The following list shows the required specifications for implementing media status notification, depending on device type.

Device type

Media status notification implementation

All CD or DVD devices (independent of interconnect)

Required. Comply with INCITS T10 MMC-2 standard for Media Status Event Notification.

ATAPI floppy/optical direct access drives

(PD, MO, removable magnetic floppy or rigid based, and so on)

Required. Comply with either MMC-2 standard or SFF 8070i Version 1.1.

IEEE 1394 storage devices (non-CD / DVD)

Required. Comply with INCITS Reduced Block Commands (RBC) standard.

ATA and non-ATAPI (IDE interconnect) storage devices

Required. Comply with Media Status Notification Support, Version 1.03.

Other ATA/ATAPI devices, including tape drives

Recommended. If implemented, comply with Media Status Notification Support Specification, Version 1.03, or SFF 8070i.

Other types of SCSI removable devices

Recommended. If implemented, support based on SCSI Block Commands (SBC) or later or Reduced Block Commands (RBC), INCITS.

B10.1.4.4 See B1.4.1

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