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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  153

B10.5.3.1 Pass WHQL tests - See B1.3, B10.1.4.7

See “CD/DVD Drive” and “Recordable CD/DVD Drive” in the HCT documentation.

B10.5.3.2 - See B10.5.4.3

B10.5.4 CD/DVD Drives - Windows Experience

B10.5.4.1 DMA capability on ATA/ATAPI CD-ROM, CD-R/CD-RW, and DVD-ROM drives

See B10.1.4.6

B10.5.4.2 CD device requirements
B10. Provides 8x minimum transfer rate or better performance.

This requirement is intended to set the minimum speed needed for production-level CD reading on Windows platforms. This requirement applies to the minimum read speed (8x) on any production level CD media, such as application software, at any location on the disc. This requirement does not apply to end-user recorded CD data discs, or discs being read in error-correcting, defect management mode.

See B10.

Note:  This requirement does not apply to USB 1.0 connected devices. Microsoft acknowledges that CD-ROM devices that otherwise meet the Windows Logo Program requirements for 8x or better transfer rate will likely achieve only about 6x transfer speed when the device is connected over USB, because of the transfer speed limitations of USB 1.x. Such configurations will be eligible for the Windows Logo.

B10. CD-enhanced compatible.

The CD or DVD drive must be able to mount multisession CD-ROM discs, even if track 1 is Red Book audio. CD-Enhanced support must be Blue Book compliant, as defined in CD EXTRA (Enhanced Music CD) Specification, Version 1.0.

B10. Supports specified logical and physical CD formats.

At a minimum, the CD or DVD drive must be compatible with the following formats for cross-media compatibility, based on compliance with the MultiRead Specifications for CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-R/RW, & DVD-ROM Devices, Revision 1.11:

Logical formats: CD Red Book (CD-Audio), Yellow Book (CD-ROM), Orange Book parts II and III (packet writing if recordable), White Book, Blue Book, and Universal Disk Format (UDF) versions 1.5 and 2.0

Physical formats: ROM (stamped), and Orange Book part II (CD-R) and part III (CD-RW)

Note: Any ATAPI CD or DVD drive designed to play back CD-I content must return a minimum of two track entries for the READ_TOC (0x43) command. These two track entries must be a track 01 entry and a track 0xAA entry for the lead-out address. Drives that do not comply with this minimum requirement cannot play back CD-I movies.

Both multisession forms (01b and 10b) and the compatibility form (00b) of the READ_TOC command must be implemented. This provides complete support for CD-ROM multisession capabilities.

B10. Supports the READ CD-DA command as defined in the MMC-2 standard.

See B10.5.2.1; B10.

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