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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  155

Defect management

Ability of the drive/media system to provide an apparently defect-free space.

Power management

Initiator and device directed power management.


Ability to respond to all commands within a specific time.

Real-Time Streaming

Ability to read and write using Initiator requested performance parameters.

B10.5.4.3 DVD storage device requirements
B10. DVD device provides 2 MB per second minimum transfer rate or better performance anywhere on the disc.

The minimum sustained DVD device media transfer rate must be at least 2 MB per second for read operations from the DVD disc.

This requirement sets the minimum speed needed for DVD-Video playback during MPEG-2 decoding on Windows platforms. This requirement applies to the minimum read speed (2 MB per second) on any production level DVD-Video media, at any location on the disc. This minimum rate requirement does not apply to DVD data discs that the user records, or discs being read in error-correcting, defect management mode. OEMs must continue to ship DVD drives that produce an acceptable user experience and conform to the required specifications.

B10. DVD drive supports logical and physical CD formats, MMC-2, and defect management where applicable.

DVD drives must support defect management that is transparent to the operating system, according to industry standards. Defect management for DVD-RAM media is defined in DVD Specifications for Rewritable Disc, Part 1: Physical Specifications, published by Toshiba Corporation. Defect management for DVD+RW is defined in ECMA-274.

DVD drives must support all the functionality of CD drives as outlined in this document. The DVD drive must also be compatible with the following formats to ensure that the DVD drive can read earlier media:

Physical formats: ROM (stamped), Orange Book part II (CD-R) and part III (CD-RW), and ECMA-267 and ECMA-268 (DVD-ROM).

Conforming to OSTA MultiRead Specification, Version 1.11, indicates compliance with all of these CD compatibility requirements.

See B10.

B10.5.4.4 DELETED

B10.5.5 CD/DVD Drives - FAQs


See B10.1.5

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