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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  156

B10.5.5.5 Updated at B10.
B10.5.5.6 CSS copyright protection; DVD Regionalization [Logo Program Clarification]

CSS copyright protection is not a Logo Program requirement. Nor is DVD Regionalization. The related technical issue is addressed through proprietary licensing programs and is not a testing requirement for the Windows Logo Program. It is the responsibility of independent hardware and software vendors to ensure for themselves that they have met the necessary requirements in their products. FAQ Date: January 18, 2000

B10.5.R CD/DVD Drives - Future Requirements

See B10.1.R.

B10.6 Removable Media Drives

All general requirements in B1.0 are included by reference. All bus-specific requirements in B2.0 are included by reference. All general storage requirements in B10.1 are included by reference. All ATA/ATAPI device-specific requirements in B10.2 are included by reference. All SCSI device-specific requirements in B10.3 are included by reference.

B10.6.1 Removable Media Drives - Windows Compatibility

B10.6.1.1 Removable Storage Management and Windows


Note: This is a general reference, not a requirement.

B10.6.2 Removable Media Drives - Industry Standards

See B10.1.2.

B10.6.3 Removable Media Drives - Quality

B10.6.3.1 Pass WHQL tests – See B1.3, B10.1.4.7

See “Removable Media Drive” in the HCT documentation.

B10.6.3.2; B10.6.3.3 - See B10.1.4.7

Removable media with MTBF similar to hard drives also can be converted to NTFS.

B10.6.4 Removable Media Drives - Windows Experience

B10.6.4.1 DELETED
B10.6.4.2 - See B10.2.4

B10.6.5 Removable Media Drives - FAQs

See B10.1.5.

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