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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  158

RSM is intended to allow software that accesses backup devices to be independent of the specific device. A hardware vendor can also choose to include a backup application. However, such software should also be integrated with and use the RSM infrastructure.

B10.7.4.3 DELETED

B10.7.5 Tape Drives - FAQs

See B10.1.5.

B10.7.R Tape Drives - Future Requirements

See B10.1.R.

B10.8 Media Changer Devices

All general requirements in B1.0 are included by reference. All bus-specific requirements in B2.0 are included by reference. All general storage requirements in B10.1 are included by reference.

B10.8.1 Media Changer Devices - Windows Compatibility

See B10.1.1.

B10.8.2 Media Changer Devices - Industry Standards

See B10.1.2.

B10.8.3 Media Changer Devices - Quality

B10.8.3.1 - See B10.8.3.2
B10.8.3.2 Pass Windows Logo Program testing - See B1.3; B10.1.4.7.

See “Media Changer Device” in the HCT documentation.

B10.8.3.3 DELETED

B10.8.4 Media Changer Devices - Windows Experience

B10.8.4.1 If CD or DVD changer device supports 7 discs or less, comply with MMC-2

If an ATAPI-compatible CD changer is present that has a capacity for seven or fewer discs, the device must comply with MMC-2 standard. This includes changers that support the following drive/media types:

3.5-inch, 5.25-inch, and 12-inch magneto-optical or phase-change drives and media

It does not include changers that support CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD drive/media types.

B10.8.4.2 SCSI tape changer and drive support auto-configuration

To meet requirements for auto-configuration of changers and their associated drives, the following changer requirements and configuration restrictions are defined:

For changers where autoconfiguration under RSM control is a targeted feature, all changer tape or optical disk drives must be connected to the same SCSI bus as the changer.

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