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Changer systems that are not configured this way will not be autoconfigurable under RSM in Windows and must provide documentation that describes the appropriate manual configuration process for use with RSM. Examples of proper documentation are available in Appendix A of Windows NT Removable Storage Manager Programming Documentation, at http://www.highground.com/developer/documents/ntmsdocu.htm.

The Removable Storage Manager functions are documented in the Microsoft Platform SDK at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/psdk/zaw/ntms_api_5nz9.htm.

If drive cleaning is required and can be automated, a specific slot that is accessible by way of a Move Medium command must be designated in the Operator’s Guide.

The changer must be able to report if a bar-code reader is installed in the unit.

The changer must be able to report on the current of (magazine) slots and drives by using the Read Element Status command.

B10.8.4.3 SCSI tape and optical disk changer support auto-configuration

The following commands or features must be supported by the changer:

Initialize Element Status (with/without bar-code reading)

Mode Sense—Pages 1D, 1E, 1F

Move Medium

Prevent/Allow Media Removal (door access and IEPORT locking)

Read Element Status

Send Volume Tag, Request Volume Element Address

Test Unit Ready, Request Sense, Inquiry

B10.8.5 Media Changer Devices - FAQs

See B10.1.5.

B10.8.R Media Changer Devices - Future Requirements

See B10.1.R.

B10.9 RAID

All general requirements in B1.0 are included by reference. All bus-specific requirements in B2.0 are included by reference. All general storage requirements in B10.1 are included by reference.

Note: If this device is implemented on a client system, compatibility testing is required.

B10.9.1 RAID - Windows Compatibility

B10.9.1.1 SCAM is disabled by default, if SCSI device

See B10.3.1.1

B10.9.2 RAID - Industry Standards

See B10.1.2 and B10.3.2.

B10.9.3 RAID - Quality

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