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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  160

B10.9.3.1 Pass WHQL tests- See B1.3, B10.1.4.7.

See “RAID Devices” and “RAID Controller” in the HCT documentation.

B10.9.3.2 - B10.9.3.5

See B10.9.3.1

B10.9.4 RAID - Windows Experience

B10.9.4.1 All external SCSI connectors are labeled with ANSI approved icon for bus type

See B10.

B10.9.4.2 Requirements in B10.1.4 do not apply for RAID Cluster Devices

This program only verifies basic cluster failover functionality requirements; all features and Windows Experience testing is completed when the product goes through the prerequisite Logo testing for the device type.

B10.9.4.3 DELETED
B10.9.4.4 DELETED
B10.9.4.5 RAID subsystem supports manual replacement of failed drive

The RAID subsystem must provide for manual replacement of a failed drive without shutting down or halting the system. The subsystem must also allow lost data to be rebuilt without interfering with system operations beyond some decreased performance of drive array access.

B10.9.4.6 Option ROMS support INT 13

Option ROMs for RAID controllers implemented on systems or as add-in controller cards must fully support INT 13.

See A1.1.4.9

B10.9.5 RAID - FAQs

B10.9.5.1 Updated at B10.9.4.6

B10.9.R RAID - Future Requirements

See B10.1.R.

B10.10 Fibre Channel

All general requirements in B1.0 are included by reference. All bus-specific requirements in B2.0 are included by reference. All general storage requirements in B10.1 are included by reference.

Note: If this component is implemented on a client system, compatibility testing is required.

B10.10.1 Fibre Channel - Windows Compatibility

See B10.1.1 and B10.3.1.

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