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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  162

All general requirements in B1.0 are included by reference. All bus-specific requirements in B2.0 are included by reference.

B11.1.1 General Streaming - Windows Compatibility

B11.1.1.1 Device support is based on DirectX foundation class and WDM stream class

The driver for any video or tuner/decoder device must use the Microsoft DirectX foundation class to control all video data. Video input devices must use WDM device drivers as defined in the Windows DDK.

MPEG decoders with motion compensation or Inverse DCT hardware acceleration use Microsoft DirectX VA API.

DVD decoders must use the operating system’s native file system support to read DVD drives; alternatively, for SCSI devices, requests can be passed using IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH. The decoder must not use non-Microsoft drivers to read the content of DVD drives.

B11. WDM support: "Streaming Devices (Video and Audio)" in the Windows DDK.

Note: This is a general reference, not a requirement.

B11. All video input sources and capture devices must implement driver support as defined for WDM Stream class or AVStream class in "Streaming Devices (Video and Audio)" in the Windows DDK.
B11. Minidriver implementation for subpicture decoder must be implemented as defined in the Microsoft DirectX SDK and “DirectShow and DVD Support” in the Windows DDK.
B11.1.1.2 Windows compatibility and implementation notes—streaming


Note: This is a general reference, not a requirement.

B11.1.1.3 Associated control, middleware, and application software use DirectShow

It is not required to use the DirectShow filters provided with the operating system, but any substitute filter used must be a superset of the equivalent filter provided with the operating system and must support the same inputs and output.

The motivation for the requirement is that software vendors need a standard interface to DVD-style MPEG playback. This is necessary for such applications as games that include MPEG video, Microsoft PowerPoint® presentations with video, WebDVD applications, and encyclopedias such as Microsoft Encarta® or Compton, and to allow users to exchange MPEG files for display on different PCs.

Microsoft encourages implementers to provide Microsoft with details about additional required navigator features, so that those features can be added to the future API.

B11.1.1.4 If present in the system, software MPEG decoders use the DirectX VA API to communicate with the graphics chip’s video acceleration functions

The required DirectX VA API is documented in the Microsoft Platform SDK, Windows DDK and DirectX DDK.

B11.1.2 General Streaming - Industry Standards

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