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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  163

Note: This list provides complete titles and web locations for references cited. The listing of a reference here does not imply that complete compliance with that reference is a Windows Logo Program requirement.  

B11.1.2.1 ANSI/SMPTE standards


B11.1.2.2 DVB/DAVIC (Digital Video Broadcasting/Digital Audio-Visual Council)

http://www.davic.org; http://www.dvb.org

B11.1.2.3 IEC 61883 Digital Interface for Consumer Electronic Audio/Video Equipment


B11.1.3 General Streaming - Quality

WHQL Test Specification References: Chapter 1: Introduction to HCT Test Specifications Chapter 6: Digital and Broadcast Video Test Specification

B11.1.3.1 - See B11.1.4.4
B11.1.3.2 Pass WHQL tests - See B1.3.

See “Streaming Media and Broadcast” in the HCT documentation.

B11.1.4 General Streaming - Windows Experience

Design Guideline References: Streaming Devices web site at http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/tech/stream/

B11.1.4.1 Interoperability with operating system and Microsoft DirectShow

For any system capable of playing back a DVD-Video title, DVD playback must work with the latest released version of the Microsoft DirectShow Navigator/Splitter filter and other DirectShow test filters to ensure that it conforms to the input and output standards established by the Navigator/Splitter. In particular, it must work with the most recent versions of the following:


DirectShow DVD Navigator

DirectShow Overlay Mixer

The requirement to work with the DirectShow Navigator/Splitter filter is not intended to preclude the use of differentiating product features and enhancements.

B11.1.4.2 Decoder must output subpicture and closed captioning streams from DVD

If DVD-Video playback is implemented, the system must be capable of displaying subpicture data as well as providing closed-captioning support for all such data stored on the disc. This requires YUV offscreen overlay surface support.

Subpicture streams must be supported as defined in DVD Specification, Version 1.0, from Toshiba Corporation.

Alpha blending, or a driver-implemented emulation, is required for static menus.

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