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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  18

Anti-virus software: WHQL launched a test program, related to the “Designed for Windows XP” Applications Logo Program, for anti-virus applications that include a kernel-mode file-system filter driver. Such applications that pass testing for Windows XP will receive a digital signature for their file-system filter driver, but not the entire application.

For details about what is tested for anti-virus software, see Chapter 21, “Anti-virus File System Filter Test Specification,” in WHQL Test Specification.

Note: Additional requirements related to driver and software quality may be added as tests become available.

"New Technology" Requirements

For new or other technologies where specific compatibility tests have not been defined under the Windows Logo Program (as provided in the HCTs from WHQL), or where design guidelines have not been provided in a Design Guide, the following requirements apply:

Maintain system integrity. The implementation of the technology must not adversely affect the performance or stability of all functionality provided under the preinstalled operating system and under Windows XP.

Use native operating system support whenever possible. If native support for the related feature is provided under a preinstalled version of Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 family, comply with the related industry specification, and create drivers based on Windows DDK guidelines.

Follow the DDK and industry standards to ensure an upgrade path. If the feature is not supported natively in the preinstalled Windows operating system, comply with the related industry specification (if industry standards have been developed), follow Windows DDK guidelines for related bus and device class driver implementations, follow general Plug and Play and power management guidelines as defined in the Windows DDK, and plan an upgrade path for end users.


WL-6. System and components support operating system configuration and control of devices

The goal for this requirement is correct support for complete operating system management of system configuration and behavior. This requirement applies for all BIOS, bus, and device components in a system. In particular, this includes:

Windows-ready, ACPI-compliant BIOS.

Correct implementation of Plug and Play and power management.

This requirement is based on fundamental operating system requirements, industry specifications, and Windows DDK implementation guidelines for Plug and Play and other functional capabilities of the operating system.

For details about operating system compatibility and design guidelines, see Appendix A, "System Requirements Checklist."

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