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Chapter 3 - Recommendations and Future Requirements

This chapter describes the processes that Microsoft follows for adding new requirements to the Windows Logo Program for hardware. This chapter also presents specific design practices that Microsoft encourages to provide an optimal end-user experience when running Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Note: Future requirements currently proposed for systems and devices based on industry specification advances and new capabilities planned for future Windows operating systems are defined in the “Future Requirements” sections in Appendixes A and B of this document.

New Requirements Process

This section summarizes the general processes by which new requirements are proposed and incorporated into the Windows Logo Program for hardware.

New Operating System Capabilities vs. Windows Logo Program

Microsoft presents preview information about new operating system capabilities related to the hardware platform in Design Previews. System and device manufacturers are invited to attend these private sessions, based on the degree of market involvement particular manufacturers have for the specific technologies. Presentations at Design Previews include sufficient detail for manufacturers to understand the technical requirements for implementing new support in hardware and firmware. Microsoft actively solicits manufacturers’ feedback at Design Previews, and Microsoft also provides information about Logo Program requirements proposed in relation to the new system capabilities.

Advances in Industry Specifications vs. Logo Program

Microsoft works with most standards bodies for PC and server technologies, and makes plans to advance operating system support based on the current industry specifications for these technologies.

When proposing new Logo Program requirements related to advances in existing specifications, Microsoft will survey Logo Program participants to determine when most manufacturers are intending to implement the advances.

New Industry Specifications vs. Logo Program

When new technologies are being defined and proposed for general industry adoption, Microsoft typically works with the industry consortium that is defining the hardware and firmware implementation. For example, new technologies such as ACPI and Bluetooth wireless technology are defined in industry consortia. Microsoft develops the related operating system capabilities in conjunction with development of the new specification.

Adoption of such technologies as Logo Program requirements is usually defined in terms such as:

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