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Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements  —  21

If you implement Bluetooth wireless technology, comply with the industry specification and implement driver support as defined in the Windows DDKs.

The availability of Hardware Compatibility Tests (HCTs) to validate new technologies for the Logo Program typically require good availability of new hardware at Microsoft. The Microsoft development teams require a foundation of hardware implementations in order to create and validate compatibility tests.

Note also that it is rare for the Logo Program to define requirements such as ACPI, where the entire industry was required to change hardware/firmware support to advance PC platform capabilities. In cases where such universal changes are required, Microsoft will work within an industry consortium to define the technical standards and establish appropriate phases for implementing the new requirements in the Logo Program.

Proposals for New Requirements

Proposals for new requirements are published in the Windows Logo Program newsletter, which is distributed by e-mail.

To receive weekly notification of any Logo Program proposals, subscribe to the mail list as described at http://www.microsoft.com/winlogo/hardware/.

Dates for New Requirements

As a rule, future requirements related to operating system features go into effect when the related operating system is available and the OEM begins shipping systems that contain features supported under the new operating system. See "Windows Logo Program Dates" in Chapter 1.

In general, Microsoft attempts to meet the following general guidelines for proposing new Logo Program requirements.

Change required

Advance notice

Chipset revision

12 - 18 months

Driver revision

6 months

Firmware revision

6 months

For example, future Logo Program requirements related to incorporation of a new driver stack within the operating system will not be required until Microsoft provides full technology support:

Operating-system drivers are released.

DDK support is released.

Test kit is released by WHQL.

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